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The Comprehensive how to guide for anal sex Beginners

Everything you wanted to know about anal sex but were afraid to ask! (part one)

Ok, so first questions covered: anal sex does not hurt. If it does hurt you are either not aroused enough or not lubricated enough. Stop what you are doing, relax, and apply loads of lube and start again, slowly. Second question: what about poo? yeah the back door is where we poop but have no fear; ignore all the horror stories about getting covered in crap. It's easy to keep clean and have sensational anal sex if you follow a few simple guidelines and basic common sense.

Who should have anal sex and why?
In answer to this question: anybody who consents. Anal sex can be hugely rewarding and create amazing orgasms. Your bum inside has a high concentration of nerve endings with highly pleasurable sensations. Men have the p-spot or prostate gland just inside which delivers very intense orgasm if stimulated. The subject of anal sex is mainly taboo but you can bet your ass that a lot of people you know have tried the forbidden delights. A Playboy poll recorded 47% of men and 61% of women had tried anal sex (and they are the ones that fessed up).

Clean your ass with an Anal douche before anal sex
You might be thinking: what about if my partner pulls out a finger or knob and it has poo on it. Eugh, passion killer. Do not worry yourself, this is the biggest concern for most people considering breaking the anal cherry but is also very easy to avoid. Go to the toilet before you play to empty yourself out and then use an anal douche to clean the rectal passage. You will be sparkling clean with no concerns about messy brown bits.

Be turned on and ready for anal
A major concern (probably for more women) is that anal sex will hurt. It can hurt like buggery if you are not ready or lubed up enough. The key to enjoyment is to take your time. This is no 'wham bam thank you mam' for an anal first timer, you and your partner need to talk about this and be prepared before you make the leap. Fool around with plenty of foreplay and get to the point where you are REALLY turned on: this makes it a LOT easier to enjoy the experience.

Start slowly with no pressure to have full anal sex
Agree with your partner that if at any time you want them to stop they will. There is plenty of trust involved when someone starts stabbing at your butt hole. Maybe agree to just try playing with the anal entrance before progressing; get used to the idea and sensation and see what you like. Start to relax and enjoy the feeling. If you like it keep going.

Train yourself with butt plugs
The anal passage is very elastic although it can feel extremely tight if nervous. You may need to work the anal opening to tease it to relax and open up. To become used to the sensation of having something going into your bum, instead of coming out, butt plug training kits will train your hole to accommodate wider and bigger objects. You might just want to get used to using butt plugs during normal sex so you can become confident with having the feeling of anal stimulation. Remember the sensation of anal sex is a new feeling and might be very different to vaginal sex, so don't have any preconceptions, just be open to the new experience and sensation.

lube, lube, lube and more anal lube
Your anal passage does not produce natural lubricant like the vagina does. Attempting anal sex without lubricant or just using spit is the quickest route to friction burning pain. The anal virgin needs all the help they can get and preparing your hole with lots of wet, slippery lube is going to feel great and allow easy penetration. Choose a lube which is made for anal adventure, these tend to be thicker and won't dry up like some thinner everyday lubes can. And just for the record Vaseline isn't a great option.

safe anal sex
Having anal sex obviously means you can't get pregnant but you should still rubber up as you have a high risk of STD's. Wearing a condom is good sense to avoid picking up any nasty things you shouldn't. Fingernails can well be neglected as a potential hazard: long fingernails can tear the anal wall and come on they hurt like hell, not good for your sex life. It might be easy to forget in the height of passion that back door to front door entry is a bad bad idea. Once an object (be it cock or toy) has been up your back passage it will contain loads of not so lovely bacteria, give it a good wash before it goes up your vajayjay. Use a bit of nouse to keep everything clean and intact.

Keep reading for part deux: more anal sex advanced techniques (you know you want to)...

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