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London Riots 2011: Sex Starved Teens Go On Rampage

Published Aug 9th, 2011 | Comments None

london looters go on sex crazy rampageLast night sex crazed teens went crazy across London in an orchestrated, if somewhat disheveled, rampage. One youth pictured had so little control over his lust he resorted to the first object he could find and had sex with a discarded blow up sheep in the streets. Gary Right (pictured) was quoted “it feels good to finally get some. I have been gagging for it for months.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Katie Price to Marry a Blow Up Plastic Doll

Published Jul 15th, 2011 | Comments None

Katie Price Marries Love Doll

On valentines day this year (2011) Maria Griffin from California married her truck after claiming that men left her unsatisfied. “Our sex life is amazing”, she said. Their love was consummated three times on the wedding night. Sending shock waves around the world the message obviously beat a path straight to our very own beloved living plastic doll Jordan. Read the rest of this entry »

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Abi Titmuss To Front News Of The World Phone Line

Published Jul 14th, 2011 | Comments None

Abi Titmuss to front news of the world phone lineSerious Shakespeare actress and tits model Abi Titmuss is to be the face of a support phone line for distressed News Of The World readers facing withdrawal symptoms from the closure of the stimulating and culturally provoking paper.

Titmuss appeared at a press conference earlier to announce her new role which she described as ‘challenging’ and ‘a career move’. The sexy former nurse, who is no stranger to suffering, is keen to get started in her new role easing the nations withdrawal pain. “Being a survivor of the end of my FHM contact I know only too well how much a person can suffer through the media.”

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Sex Toys Should be Given as wedding Gifts

Published Jul 13th, 2011 | Comments None

Sex Toys For Wedding Presents

Home Secretary Theresa May declared yesterday that she wants to get to the heart of the problems in society today by bringing families back together. May believes that the use of sex toys between married couples will keep men happy with their wives and make them less likely to stray, keeping the family unit together. Giving sex toys for wedding presents should be actively promoted for the sake of Britain’s future. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Cheesiest Chat Up Lines

Published Mar 27th, 2010 | Comments None

Cheesier than stilton or guaranteed pussy charmers – you decide! A little bit of fun to give you a giggle, use at your own peril… Read the rest of this entry »

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Britney’s Kinky Sex Room

Published Mar 3rd, 2009 | Comments None

Britney Kinky Sex Room

What would you buy if you were a one time Pop Princess and had more money than you could spend? Luxury yachts, fast cars, small dog on a cushion? Oh yes I nearly forgot, a room devoted to deviant pleasure chocked full of sex toys – isn’t that on the list? Read the rest of this entry »

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