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Anal Toys

Anal sex is the new black, apparently! We can't pin down who first said this but we are sooo in agreement. Anal sex and the use of anal sex toys is on the rise: in 2009 it was reported that 51% or men and 43% of women had tried anal stimulation, anal sex or anal sex toys (K.R. McBride, The Journal of Sex Research, 2009). And that's just the ones that fessed up, how many people in this day and age still feel that it is an unforbidden taboo to admit to trying anal sex: never mind enjoying or LOVING it. Anal stimulation has to be tried to be enjoyed, you can't really imagine how it feels till you have been there. Honestly though, it feels bloody amazing.

69% of men and 73% of women who tried anal sex are in a monogamous relationship. (K.R. McBride, The Journal of Sex Research, 2009)

The abundance of nerves in the anal passage and around the anal hole make for much sensation. Now this can be pleasurable sensation or it can be a painful experience. The #1 complaint of pain during anal sex play is down to lack of lubrication. The anal cavity does not make any natural lubrication like the vagina so make sure you use lashings and lashings of a thick lube. The #2 fear of anal sex play is having a nasty poo incident; easy peasy this one: have a good anal douche first and you will be squeaky clean and confident.

Anal sex is significantly higher among 20-24 year-olds and peaked among 30-34 year-olds. (K.R. McBride, The Journal of Sex Research, 2009)

So if you are feeling pretty horny at the thought of playing with anal sex toys and want to take it further, that's why you're here isn't it? Try reading our guide The Comprehensive How to Guide For Anal Sex Beginners and the Advanced version to get an understanding of where to start. The best anal sex toy to begin with is a butt plug, easy to use and not eye wateringly large for the anal virgin.

'Greek love' has long been used to refer to anal play, 'doing it the Greek way' is sometimes used as slang for anal sex.

Gay, lesbian, straight, male or female we can all play with anal sex toys. And it's not just gay men who like bum fiddling, straight men are jumping on to the anal band wagon now they have sniffed something they could be missing out on. Turn your boyfriend onto butt plugs and anal beads or go the whole hog and have a stab at pegging: use a strap-on to enter your fella in the back-door. It doesn't make a straight man gay. If a strap-on seems a little bit too full on then go for the anal vibrator specially designed to not get lost in your back side. The prostate gland inside the male rectal cavity makes for much pleasure, it's not called the male G-spot for nothing.

Anal sex is a huge fantasy for hetro men and probably comes from the dominance over their partner which harks back to Roman times when the giver was considered honorable but the receiver risked being cast out form society, anal dominance was used as a punishment. Throw in some role play or a little BDSM and you can open up a whole new world of fun to have with your partner. The bum is tighter than the vagina so the sensation on your knob is going to be much more intense. It's not just men who get all the pleasure though: if a woman orgasms from anal sex (and women willing to go anal are 90% likely to have orgasm) it will be a full body orgasm of super strength. The combination of anal, clitoral and vaginal stimulation is unbelievably delicious.

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