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Ohhh we are soooo lovin dildos. Who doesn't like a good shafting with a chunky dildo? Fat ones, thin ones, big ones, pink ones, black ones, glass ones we stock the freakin lot. All YOU have to do is picture your perfect dildo, maybe do a little sketch or make a mock up from plastercine and then look for it on our site.

Not everybody gets the buzz from vibrations, many sex toy fans swear by dildos for realistic internal stimulation. The realistic look is HUGELY popular for the 'i really love cock' crowd and the solid weight of the dildo means it makes you feel well filled. Ridges, veins, balls and squirting dildos all add to the: real or realistic? blindfold test (feel free to try this at home). And don't forget the noise. A dildo is your silent friend with no batteries to run out mid flow or empty your pockets.

New To Dildos? Start Here with our guide for the clueless

Dildos are perfect for the menage a trois effect: slip a dildo in the back door (or the other way round if you're enjoying some anal love) whilst having it away with your fella and you will get all the benefit without having to get his best mate pissed and roped into the situation. Or you can take a double ender and do it yourself.

If you're the kind of chick who prefers to shop Sainsburys not Aldi and thinks she is a bit classy cause she drinks Cava (but really it's Lambrini) you are probably going to be turned on by a stylish dildo which bizarrely enough looks nothing like a sex toy! Dildos designed like household ornaments are massively popular right now: especially anything made out of glass, metal and ceramics. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a posh bird then you're going to want a posh dildo: look for the designer section.

Get more out of your toy: Top Tips For Using Dildos

Strap on dildos are a girls best friend if your best friend happens to be a lesbian. Who needs men anymore (apart from being able to put shelves up) when ladies can pleasure each other with the aid of a whopping dildo on a strap. Well it didn't take long for blokes to get jealous and want in on the action: pegging is now ultra popular in Essex and beyond where girls do there boys from behind and he can enjoy all the pleasure of anal stimulation without being gay.

Popular Homemade dildo alternative options:
Corn on the Cob
Rolling Pin
Hair brush (not the spiky end)
Frozen water in a condom

Wanting something a bit fancy? read our Guide to Glass Dildos

Obscure Dildo Trivia
The oldest dildo was found in a German cave dated from 30,000 years ago. Eight inches long and made from stone.
6th Century Greek vases depict dildos used in sexual acts from the 6th century.
The word dildo originates from the Italian Diletto meaning to delight
There is a town in Newfoundland (Canada) called Dildo

Pretend to be cosmopolitan and browse our handy international guide to buying a dildo:

Say "I would like a dildo please"

French: Je voudrais s'il vous plaît une gode
Spanish: Me gustaría tener un consolador por favor
German: Ich möchte einen Dildo bitte
Italian: Vorrei una preghiamo dildo
Welsh: Byddai i hoffi os gwelwch yn dda dildo
Swedish: Jag vill ha en dildo vänligen
Dutch: Ik wil graag een dildo neem dan
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