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Wanking and sex toys for men has only just become an acceptable male past time. That doesn't mean that men have not been jacking off for millennia, it just means we can now talk about it and actually admit openly to it. To help spank your monkey there is a wide range of mens sex toys and techniques to get the best out of your self lovin.

11 is the average number of erection a man has in a day! (and 9 at night whilst asleep)

It wasn't always this carefree way of being able to dial sex toys for men. Oh no. there have been plenty of party poopers in history. Immanuel Kant thought wanking violated law but best of all John Harvey Kellogg, the cereal entrepreneur (geddit) best known for the beloved corn flake was on a one man mission to decrease sexual interest and increase health. Dr Kellogg was married but remained celibate and considered self-love the 'ultimate abomination'. Oh, his poor, unfulfilled wife.

Indiana & Wyoming USA have the Act of Self Pollution: it is illegal for any person to help anyone under 21 to masturbate!

Fact is masturbation and the use of sex toys for men has many positive health benefits (like you needed an excuse), such as: reduced prostate cancer, lower blood pressure, lower stress, lower anxiety, better sleep, better circulation, improved immune system etc etc Basically wanking is an all good, health tonic. It releases endorphins after orgasm which improve mood, well-being and feel good factor. Why are we all not tossing it off all day long? Best excuse for having a cupboard full of men's sex toys and wank aids ever.

Upon losing battles, apes tend to masturbate.

It's pretty common knowledge that adolescent boys go a bit berserk when they first discover the pleasure of tossing the wood. Hours spent alone locked in their bedrooms putting in practice for the world wanking championships are seen as time well spent perfecting the craft. And lets face it what man isn't a wanking master? As you grow up you then discover that there is a delightful array of fabulous mens sex toy tools at your disposal to inject some life back into old, tired five knuckle shuffle.

Males under the age of forty are typically able to achieve an erection in less than ten seconds.

Taking Pam out, again, can become a bit repetitive after same old, same old and ten years of devoted self bashing. Time to bring out the big guns and start a sex toys for men collection: It's called wanking for grown ups. Discovering the sensation of a Fleshlight after years of palm abuse is like discovering sex or wanking for the very first time all over again. You really didn't think it could feel THIS good. So you don't need to sit on your hand to make it go numb anymore. Slip into the inviting, sensual Real Feel Superskin of a Fleshlight, let the warm flesh wrap around your cock and suck you in as you start to stroke away; let the sensations from the different textures blow you away as you blow your load. Oohhhhhh yeaaahhhh, that feels freakin good.

Fleshlight Buying Guide Fleshlight Buying Guide: get the ultimate wank...

Sacofricosis, is the practice of cutting a hole in the bottom of a front pants pocket in order to masturbate in public with less risk of detection.

For the daring masturbating aficionado who wants to sample all the delights on offer to the modern man (ie buy sex toys for men): combining a prostate massager with a wank is truly for the enlightened. Can take time to master but, oh boy, will you be glad when you hit that P-Spot for all it's worth. Using a cock ring to keep hard will prolong your wank, so if you have an afternoon to waste: crack open a beer, put on some porn, slip on the ring and work out those wrists. Put the phone on silent and enjoy your precious 'me' time.

Male Prostate Massager Milking The Prostate For Male Multiple Orgasm

How To Use A Prostate Massager

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