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Fleshlights are the number one sex toy for men, made with patented Real Feel Super Skin™ for OMFG how good does that feel sensation. Over 2 million of these bad boys have been sold to date: this is no ordinary sex toy this is a world wide phenomenon. Designed to look like an ordinary flashlight/torch (geddit) the ultimate wanking tool can be left lying around and nobody would guess what it is.

Cheap Fleshlight: male masturbator buying options... Cheap Fleshlight: male masturbator buying options...

Fleshlight Complete Units

The Fleshlight totally revolutionised male masturbation by creating a sex toy that is versatile and has the closest simulation to real sex, with your eyes shut, you can get (lets face it a lot of sex dolls don't feel great). A range of styles and sleeves for your unique combination you can buy one Fleshlight case and have a variety of Fleshlight sleeves for different moods.

Fleshlight Girls

Start with the opening styles: stealth is good for anyone who might get busted (still living at home) and butt is for the man who likes the back door. Just go for the style that appeals to you, it's not rocket science on this one.
Fleshlight Sleeves Orifice Styles
Stealth  the discreet option which has a small slot in the end
Lady  the most realistic look makes your Fleshlight look like the real deal with perfect replication
Mouth  sexy lips waiting to suck you inside
Butt  is for the man who likes a tight hole and back door lovin

Fleshlight sleeves are all 9 inches deep so can take plenty of thrusting. You just need to think about girth size for the best fit. If you are a little on the small side look at super tight and ultra tight for plenty of grip. If you are a big boy best avoid the tight sleeves as it might be too much and not feel so good.

Fleshlight Sleeves

You want to think about how big your penis and what kinda sensation does it for you: anal sex ultra tight, vortex and mouth blow job or Fleshlight Girl lotus for the porn star feel. The tightest is Ultra Tight and the least tight is the Original. Fleshlight Sleeve textures ordered from tightest to least tight:

Fleshlight Sleeves Textures

Ultra tight | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: sleeve is recommended with the butt insert for the ultimate tight hole experience. Good for the smaller penis. Lube recommended.
Super Tight | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: Fleshlight sleeve is a tight smooth tube. Preferred sleeve for butt style to give the anal sex feel. 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
Super Ribbed | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: texture is designed for stimulation and sensation, for the ultimate feel this Fleshlight sleeve will get you going! 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
Vortex | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: is a stimulating texture combined with canal diameter variance equals a mind blowing experience of suction, texture and squeeze through each section of the chamber. Voted as one of the favourite sleeves. 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
Wonder Wave | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: is voted as one of the favourite sensation sleeves along with Vortex, although not as textured as the other Fleshlight sleeves you can feel the grip and tug on your penis with each stroke in and out with waves of pleasure. 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
Speed Bump | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: is the ultimate Fleshlight textured insert sleeve. You only need to look at the bumps on this baby to know what that will feel like wrapped round your penis. Imagine all the hundreds of beads gently massaging the head of your penis - this is something you must experience at least once. 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
Lotus | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: texture is unique to the Fleshlight Girls range. Designed to be the most realistic sensation ever created in a sex toy! Starting with a smooth, tight entry to grip you on the way in, Lotus blossoms into a comfortable canal which wraps itself around your cock. Going in deeper you experience the inverted node and the four pleasure chambers for amazing sensation. 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
Stamina Training Unit | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: is the ultimate wanking workout to make you the man. Impress lovers with superior restraint skills so you can last longer. Only available as a full unit. 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter.
Original | 10mm (1/4 inch) diameter: texture was the first Fleshlight sleeve. A good choice for big boys due to the wide girth. 19mm (3/4 inch) diameter.


And last but not least: How to clean and care for your Fleshlight so it lasts a lifetime
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