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Welcome to the world's favourite female toy: The vibrator. Invented as a steam powered contraption in 1869 for doctors with wrist ache; the vibrator was originally sold in Women's magazines as a facial massager. And, has never looked back since. Vibrators are the most amazing versatile toys: perfect for solo missions, or having some fun with your other half. Most importantly they get you off. Quickly and explosively. Can I have an: 'Ooooh yeeeeaaaaaa'.

Sex and the City did more for popularity of rabbit vibrators than probably all the sex toy advertising ever created!

Once upon an olden days you had to trek to a seedy back street shop in Soho and choose from a meager handful of cheap, ugly, knob shaped vibes of dubious quality that had two settings: burn out your clitoris or off. They had obviously been designed by a half-wit man who had never even seen a woman, never mind her bits. Well thank the world for progress cause todays modern vibe has multi-speed settings, various vibration patterns, ergonomic designs to fit the female body perfectly and sensuous materials which feel great to touch. No cheap rubbery smells or friction burns in sight. Us Girlies are now totally spoilt for choice with high-tech, kick-ass vibes.

In a study conducted: 53% of women have used a vibrator. One in four in the last month. 45% of men have used a vibrator, 17% for solo masturbation! (cite: Journal of Sexual Medicine 2009)

Where do you start with vibrators? yep, it's a maze of every kind of vibe you can imagine from mini to novelty and beyond. Have a good hard think about what stimulation you are looking for and take it from there: Do you want something small to throw in your handbag (cause you never know when you might want to slip off to the loo at work, have you seen Secretary?) Do you want a vibrator for internal and clitoral stimulation? *think* rabbit. Do you want to hit your G-spot? look for the curved tip. Do you live in a shared house and need something that doesn't make a squeak?

If you don't have a clue then we suggest starting with Rabbits: the creme de la creme of vibrators or the Classic Vibes.

Get to grips with vibes in our handy New To Vibrators? be an expert at the dinner party guide...

Some of the latest clitoral vibrators feel sooooo good and just like oral sex that you probably won't want to get out of bed again. And lets face it how many men are really THAT good (or willing) at giving head? But you don't have to be single or a man hater to be married to your vibrator. Oh no. We very much encourage couples to share and play together, tease and tickle the body during foreplay or teach your fella exactly how you like it (you get the benefit in the end). Use it on your man's willy, balls or tease his bum (but only use vibrator made for anal play for insertion). Have a threesome with your man and your vibe, just make sure he doesn't get jealous.

A few tid-bits of trivia to make you look smug with your friends A Decade Of Facts About Vibrators

For the international jetset Lady, a handy phrase for when out of town
Excuse me please, can I buy extra batteries for my vibrator:

French: Excusez-moi s'il vous plaît, puis-je acheter des batteries supplémentaires pour mon vibrateur
German: Entschuldigen Sie bitte, kann ich zusätzliche Batterien für mein Vibrator
Italian: Mi scusi per favore, posso comprare batterie aggiuntive per il mio vibratore
Portuguese: Desculpe-me por favor, posso comprar baterias extras para o meu vibrador
Dutch: Neem me niet kwalijk neem, kan ik extra batterijen voor mijn vibrator
Swedish: Ursäkta mig snälla, kan jag köpa extra batterier till min vibrator
Turkish: Affedersiniz, bana lütfen benim vibratör için ekstra pil satın alabilirsiniz

And finally a few reasons why we love our vibrator:
Always hard and ready to perform
Never call you by another girl's name
Never cares how long it takes to get you off
Won't do the washing-up, but you don't care
You can turn it off at put it away when you have had enough

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